Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shoes..Shoes..Shoes ; Just Gettem!

The stiletto is loaded with meaning.
No other piece of clothing has so many
different connotations.
Seen by some as a woman's Achilles heel;
feminists have derided them, embraced them
and then rejected them all over again
Others see it as a woman's' right of passage,
or a status symbol, ( just watch any episode of
'Sex in the City.')
A fetishists obsession, or just a thing of
beauty and carefully considered design.
Love them or hate them, heels are a part of
our street culture.
Just take a pair of ballet flats, ( now sold
in night club vending machines apparently)
with you in your bag, for marathon dance
sessions or extended shopping expeditions.
And PS..I know it's been around for a
while now , but just check out Kelly's
'Shoes' on youtube.. for the ultimate
shoe mantra!

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