Saturday, January 30, 2010

Long Hot Summer

Sometimes the heat on the street can just
get too much..

but I really love summer.
Growing up in Sydney I remember running
under the sprinkler to cool down ,
weekend camping trips to kangaroo valley
and body surfing for hours on end.

With the whole global warming thing,
those uninterrupted hot summers might have
been, well, interrupted a little; but the promise of
summer remains.
There is a feeling in the air.
The freedom of throwing on a t-shirt and
shooting out the door, no heavy , inhibiting coats
and the like.
The longer daylight hours and cool
evening breezes as you head out for a drink
on a cafe terrace.
The Australian open , Havianas and
frozen yoghurt.
Reruns of strange shows on TV and BBQs.
Summer bliss is still alive and well and on
street near you.

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