Saturday, January 9, 2010

Funny Girls

Laugh...these legends made us role around
because of their self deprecating , zany
and above all, highly original antics.
That episode where Lucille Ball is
crushing grapes is up there with the best.
And that voice, worse than scratching your
fingers down a blackboard but no one will
ever forget it.
Joan Rivers knows that nothing is sacred
when it comes to making us laugh..and
she is better now than ever....STOP!
And as for Babara Streisand's early
cinematic efforts , she ruled the streets
with impeccable timing and goofy ugly
duckling turns, (somewhat goofy) swan,
The other thing all of these funny girls
had in common was pretty distinctive style.
The clothes they wore, served to enhance
there outrageous persona's.
Some girls on the street don't take
themselves too seriously either.
Here are a few who dress to raise an
eyebrow and hopefully a smile .
Love their look or hate it..
I'm sure they just don't care!

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