Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Feel like adding a touch of incognito to a
costume? Or just can't bear to face the
world after that big night out. Cover up!

Masks have been around since Middle Earth,
that's a couple of hundred years BC,( really
existed outside of 'the Lord of the Rings'!),
where they were used in funeral rituals to
cover the faces of the dead.

They have long since been used as
theatrical devices to tell tales, mysterious
covers for Venetian romantics, mime artists,
disguises for Zorro types and lately
increasingly for health reasons on the
street in this strange time of animal flues.

I love the various street parades around
the world, Mardi Gras and love parades,
where beautifully, ornate or dark and
dangerous masks are often worn.

But my favourite has to be the Mexican
wrestling masks seen below.
Part super hero part comic,
these guys really know the art
of crazy disguise.


Erica said...

love the second photo


Rianna Bethany said...

Some really great images on your blog, the mexican masks rock!!!
Rianna Bethany

Anthony Burke said...

The second image was taken at the Folsum street fair in San Francisco. A very cool street fair filled with people dressed up like this.