Saturday, December 31, 2011

A year in Pics

A year of skulls and skullduggery, where anything was
possible and the outright odd was common place.

Quirky was definately the new normal and fuschia was
the new black (and we said we don't even want a new
black because we like black and any other colour we
chose to throw on.)

We rolled our pants to mid calf and let our sleeves hang
down past our fingers.
Retro and cutting edge walked down the street hand in

We grew tired of the 1% that seem to blatantly fuck
everyone else over time and time again to satisfy
their own insatiable desires.

Markets replaced shopping malls as our favourite place
to shop, eat, meander and mix.

Spirituality and the cyber age united to help
brace for and prepare for a brave new world in
2012 .....Watch this Space!

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