Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Too Pretty to Eat !

You know I love markets. Well some of my favourite
just happen to be right near my place in Sydney, on the
edge of the harbour (almost under the Harbour Bridge
in fact. )
The Kirribilli markets are full of interesting gift
ideas and sensational food aswell.
Two of my favourites are these chocolates and Icey Pops
These Chocolates are to die for, oh and they happen to be
made by my partner. All biasses aside, I think the
wrapping is so cool as well and have that uniquely cool
quality that sets so few products apart in todays
over saturated foody world.

I also fell in love with these 'Artisan Pops' by Liana
Raine .

What could be more refreshing than one of these on a
sweltering Sydney summers' day ?

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