Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Love them.
I do.
On a person that can carry them off they are hot.
I also think that personal marking whether it be
studs, tattoos, branding ..whatever, are a very
personal forms of expression that often let you
glimpse an aspect of a persons personality in much
the same way as a clothing style or hair does.
They aren't any more.
The days of Sid Vicious rebellion associated with
piercings has gone.
But piercings are about adornment. They say ..I am not
afraid to alter my appearance in a way that might make
people form judgements.
They also have a history of being attractive to others,
or indicating bravery and group unity , and have been
used by many ancient tribes and races for these reasons
really since the art of adornment began. So they also
have a ritualistic, primitive quality to them that is
really cool.

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