Saturday, February 13, 2010


Alexander Mcqueen was one of my favorite creative

His vision was astounding, confronting, feminine, rich,
sometimes dark, witty, provocative, experimental,
but most of all highly original in a time when
're-invention' and 'borrowing' was the norm.

His work translated from the other- worldly, mythological
catwalk shows, to the very real world of the streets.
He always reinvented the wheel of fashion, and that takes
guts and a pinch of genius.
So, after the sad deaths of other edgy visionaries like
Leigh Bowery and Isabella Blow, what does this say
about life as a much revered aesthete and creative
ground breaker?

We must never forget that the voices and artistic
expression of those who do not compromise
there vision , put their heart and soul into their
work and put themselves out there ,
are rare and valuable.

Being creative on that level cannot be easy.
Having a voice that cuts through the noise of life
so cleanly might be harder than can be imagined,
and to keep that up over decades.

That takes an exceptional spirit.

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