Tuesday, February 16, 2010

American Boy

I was in L. A recently and I was struck by how fresh the
street style was there. Especially young guys.

They dress with a simplicity that is very cool.
They combine basics with flare and it is often the way
they wear things as much as the clothes themselves,
rolling sleeves to just the right length or haplessly
letting the tongue flop out of a boot.

Perfect denims, chinos and classic elements are all
thrown into the mix.

With so many fashion blogs and mags. extolling the
virtues of the perfect this and that, and Hollywood stylists
creating roll models of style everywhere from Brad Pitt
to Robert Pattinson, maybe it is easier to get style
inspiration and information these days.

But I think it is often instinctive, just as the
French somehow know how to do that sexy rock
look better than anyone. The English do eclectic to
perfection, the Italian's ; sartorial style with ease,
and the Japanese somehow get onto trends so
quickly, looking more directional and current
than anyone else. The Spanish rule with that gypsy Ibiza
holiday look, and of course, when it comes to Australians
(and possibly the Brazilians).. they know how to do
beach better than the rest.

Well the Americans do classic street wear like
no other.
Evidence above!

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