Friday, February 12, 2010

Grrrr to Furrrrr

I am just going to say it. I think new fur is
vulgar and I don't care if Anna Wintour
raises an arched brow over that statement
or not. Or if Kanye West thinks I am fashion
I know I eat meat and wear leather shoes,
so maybe there is a double standard there.
It's just that I can't separate that furry fox
running merrily through the woods and
the stole on some one's shoulders.
some animals are just meant to be running free.
But if fur is done, then vintage or fake has
to be the way to go.
I guess it is just because if people go out and
buy new fur, it is just encouraging the hurting
and killing of wild animals.
I guess it is like eating free range eggs,
humanely handled and farmed pork and
other animals.
If we have the choice to be selective and
respect animals. Let's chose wisely.
Hope this doesn't come over as a rant .
Just the ravings of an animal lover..

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