Monday, September 19, 2011

Fantasy Island

So as you might have guessed from yesterdays
post, I am on an Island hopping holiday in
Though I have visited Bangkok numerous times,
this is my first time exploring the rest of this
unique and very cool country.
Phuket is a place where you have to get out
of the centre as fast as possible.
I mean it!
Unless you like partying with ping-pong balls,
Ukrainian backpackers and women with
red-raw sunburn, hair braids and freshly
scabbed tattoos of dolphins on their lower backs.
Once you get to somewhere with cutely
thatched villas and a private plunge pool,
overlooking gently lapping waves and
swaying palms, you have died and gone to
tropical heaven.

The food, the people, the pretty fish and those little
carts that drive you to your doorstep.....
There is definitely an aesthetic that goes along
with holiday beach life as well ( and I am not
talking about the numerous honeymoon couples
I have seen dressed in matching turquoise
frangipani prints) , I kid you not.
I am referring to that relaxed and slightly
crumpled way of being , with sun-bleached
decking, woven baskets that hold sandy sarongs
and easy carelessly decorated cafes and
beach bars.

Has his got you into the Island mood?

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