Friday, August 26, 2011


I recently read a review about fashion blogs
in GQ , stating that a lot of the people in
them are seeming overly self conscious
and all the spontaneity of throwing on original
pieces that reflect the wearers personality
are becoming less and less evident.
Wasn't that the appeal of these blogs when
they first popped up out of nowhere.

While I don't describe street spaghetti as a
fashion blog , I identified with the article
as original self expression and ideas excite me
and that is a huge component of this site.

But now there seems to be a recipe for 'dandy
dressing' on the streets all over the world.

Pants rolled to a specific height,
a certain number of friendship bracelets
thrown over a vintage rolex watch,
pocket squares that somehow work on the
gents of Milan, but not so much on
a guy walking down the corso of
Bondi Beach.

So here's the thing as I see it ; context is
and surprise accounts for a lot in the fickle
world of fashion.

If every other bloke is wearing a paisley
pocket square and exposing his carefully
chosen argyle socks beneath cropped chinos
...where is the surprise in that?

That brings me to this guy I saw in London.

He looks great in his clothes.

They suit his personality, body shape and
the city and climate he is in at the time.
He looks fresh, and, though he is not the
first person to ever wear a striped tee and
overalls, he wears them well!

He may( or may not) have been inspired
by one of the most fashionable artists of
all time; Basquiat (now there was a true
original), but inspiration isn't bad..we all
know there is nothing truly original in Pop
culture and fashion any more.

So loosen up.
I know it's a cliche but be yourself and
if you feel self conscious and keep
adjusting your clothes as you leave
the house...go home and change.
You will come over as authentic
that way.

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