Friday, December 25, 2009

Six Ways to Keep Toasty

There are so many ways to really keep
warm and not look like the Michiline
man waddling down the street.
Here are my top 6
6. Legwarmers. ( I told you the Fame
thing would catch on..
see post 20/10/09, knitwear.)
5. Chunky knitted scarves (especially
old school stripes..think Beano)
4.Leather layering.. hoodies or knits
and scarves under leather keep the
cold wind out.
3.Earmuffs (difficult to pull off
but who cares when so much heat
is lost through your ears and
they are covered in furry magic muffs!)
2. A lovely beret.
1. A red coat..duffle, slim, military style
..who cares! Others will also keep warm
just looking at you.

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