Friday, November 4, 2011

Freshly Picked

Sometimes you might think I go off track a bit when
I put in photographs of Fruit and veg (amongst other
random things), but to me these displays of fresh
produce in streetside markets help make the street!
They give each place a distinct colour , smell and
I also think that a small market-stall owner puts
as much care into their display of wares ,as does
the owner of a department store into their windows.

Expect to see a lot more markets here because
1 selfishly, I can't keep away from them and
2 my camera goes off like paparazzi at a Kardashian
wedding whenever I am in one.
Can't you just smell those fresh green peas and those
kaffir lime leaves?

This inky-black, fruity, nutty thing below is so
interesting, don't you think?
Just one of the things that caught my eye at a food market
in Bandra , Mumbai.
They are actually water chestnuts.

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