Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lionhearted Style..

I recently watched an episode of Project
Runway Australia. Contestants were asked
to design a collection based on an animal.
Lion was one.
I personally think this girl in Tokyo may
have had the king of the jungle in mind
when she put together this look with its mix
of tawny textures , colour and her cute spiky mane.

Lets all be inspired by animals more often when
getting dressed. I am not talking hiring a giant
gorilla suit or a Donny Darkoesque rabbit outfit...
(though Ilove eccentrics and why not if you feel inclined),
just acknowledging that nature often gets it spot on.

Not only that , lets turn our urban jungles
into real jungles. Let animals climb our walls
and guard our doorways.
Who better to do that than the King of the Beasts!

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